• Predict Revenue Leakage and Future Profit at Customer and Business Level
    Act on Insights and Predictions and Improve the Top Line
  • Predict Risky Customers and Understand Drivers of Dissatisfaction
    Formulate Better Retention Strategies and Improve the Bottom Line
  • Exploit Big Data Driven Integrated Thinking Across Customers, Products and Sales
    Win the Competition with our Adaptive Machine Learning Platform and Algorithms

Ask the Right Questions....

Why are certain customer segments more loyal and profitable than others?

Why is Quarterly revenue falling or growing?

...and let the data uncover answers

Predict Risks Well In Advance

Predict drop in revenue in next quarter

Predict top 1% of risky customers in your customer base

Refresh Your Predictions as Trends in Your Business Change

Capitalize on Predictions and Insights

Execute hyper-targeted business actions to reduce churn as well as revenue and profitability risks

Develop tactical strategies with efficacy that’s been validated by the data

With little effort on your part

Solutions Designed For Decision Makers and Strategists

Combine your intuition with data and analysis. Gain forward looking visibility into business outcomes

Measure the impact of your Customer Strategies while constantly improving upon them.

Why Us

  •  30+ years of experience
  •  Results in as little as 1-2 weeks
  •  No IT resources required
  •  Strong data Privacy and Security


  •  Basic Functionality for Free
  •  Have all with Professional Version
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