About Us

Strategy Insights is a New York based team composed of seasoned analytical professionals with a drive and insight to develop predictive and prescriptive analytics that lead to profitable marketing and business solutions for our clients. With a blend of machine intelligence, advanced artificial intelligence techniques, data science, and human comprehension, we create predictive models that reveal trends vital to getting ahead of the competition. We turn vast data flows that are natural in the new digital economy into competitive advantages.

Our team has a combined 35 years of experience in data mining, artificial intelligence, machine learning, advanced statistics, data science, and operations research. We’ve applied our experience in a variety of domains including systematic trading, financial services, wealth management, health care and technology to solve complex analytical problems. We are backed by a wealth of on-going academic research in business process transformations using analytics, and evolving trends in the digital economy. In addition, we have a process in place to bring research advancements in information management and analytics to our clients immediately.

The Strategy Insights team fundamentally believes that our clients should be relieved from the complexities of building and maintaining predictive data analytics models and platforms. Towards this, we offer predictive models that leverage our experience and learning from companies ranging from Small and Medium Size business to Fortune 100 enterprises to analyze the profitability and churn metrics of your company based on your unique customer base and data. Our predictive models provide actionable metrics that offer insights based on dependencies that are uncovered from your customer data, and our pricing models enable you to leverage it as a one time or continuing service.

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