Revenue Risk

Predicted revenue for the next quarter is a nice to know metric, especially if it is expected to decrease so it can be managed proactively instead of reactively as is the current norm. Visibility into future revenue would enable a company to plan mitigation strategies and mobilize the enterprise sales and marketing resources to act on the projected revenue fall.

Strategy Insights Revenue Risk solution empowers companies with visibility into risks to revenue and sources of this risk. This analysis removes all subjectivity in analyzing the data, and highlights every risk, big or small, that is be observable in your data.

A few salient features of this analysis:

  1. Observe the migration of customer from “low” risk (or very loyal) to “high” churn risk which helps to explain why customers became disloyal or more likely to churn.
  2. Focus on customer segments that exhibit high risk indicators to leave your company, as well as the ones that are most profitable. Strategy Insights can provide personalized business actions to assist you in reducing the churn in various segments of customers and improve upon the profitable customers.
  3. Get visibility down to the individual customer level
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