Churn Risk

Customer churn is a reality in every business, but customer defections no longer need to be considered as a cost of doing business.

Strategy Insights has combined management thinking with cutting edge analytics to offer you a Churn Solution that not just identifies customers that are likely to churn; but, institutionalize best practices in your organization to reduce customer defections.


  • Customer churn risk comparison
  • Understand reasons for customers disloyalty
  • Predict risky customers well in advance
  • Perform business actions to reduce the churn

Here is how just 2 hours each quarter can make a difference in your business

First 10 minutes: Get a summary of churn risk and compare the trends
Customers, revenue and profit at stake can be observed
Next 30 minutes: Understand the root causes of customer dis-satisfaction
See the top 5 business drivers that influence churn risk for your customers
The Business Insights module will assist you explain your customer behavior and its related churn risk by easy to understand metrics. These are the hypothesis from your data that empower you with the questions that need to be addressed, and to articulate the churn risk to your peer group in business terms. export-csv-screen
Next 60 minutes: Plan targeted actions

Strategy Insights offers a rich set of business actions that could help in reducing the customer churn defections. These business actions have been developed through years of researching the issue and assisting companies in managing this business challenge. The solution gives you the option to choose or design your own actions:

A partial list of immediate business actions:

  • Download risky customers and the potential impact of sending targeted incentives and promotions
  • Personalizing the communication to dissatisfied customers , once the reasons of dissatisfaction have been identified
Last 20 minutes: Revisit tactical and long term strategies
Addressing the root causes of churn risk involves business actions and strategies that take a longer period of time and incremental resources, but they enable a strategic fix to the critical issue of customer defections. Strategy Insights assists in formulating these strategies for your long term success.
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