Life Annuity

Narrowing yield spreads have disrupted traditional sources of revenue for the Life & Annuity Industry, forcing companies to rethink their business strategies around their customers

The Life & Annuity market is grappling with evolving challenges, such as shifts in customer preferences and fast moving competitive pressures.

Strategy Insights predictive platform, a fully integrated analytics solution, has been tested and adopted by some of the largest Life & Annuity carriers in predicting customer behavior within various business units including Variable Annuity, Fixed Annuity, as well as Universal and Term Life Insurance.

"Our scientific solution will help you gain a competitive edge"

Based on your data, we analyze hundreds of customer attributes, providing detailed strategies to various decision makers, which more effectively manage customer churn risk, as well as revenue and profitability risks.

Product Management & Innovation

  •   Clear understanding of needs of loyal and profitable customers

Sales and Distribution

  •   Analyze the channels getting most loyal and profitable customers
  •   Better position products and guarantees in the distribution network
  •   Formulate targeted business actions for the customer retention

General Manager

  •   Get an insight to risks to premiums well in advance
  •   Formulate mitigation strategies

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